About Us

Holmwood  Capital Advisors, LLC is a fully integrated real estate management and  advisory company that sources, acquires and manages single-tenant  properties 100% leased to the Federal Government on behalf of HC  Government Realty Trust, Inc., a publicly registered Regulation 1-A real  estate investment trust (the "REIT") (www.hcgovtrust.com). We were  formed in 2015 to act as property and asset manager to the REIT's  predecessor Holmwood Capital, LLC 

Based  in Sarasota, Florida, the Company’s experienced management team has a  strong track record of sourcing and acquiring and managing “off-market”  and “strategically marketed” properties nationwide by leveraging HCA's  deep relationships with developers, owners and brokers.


In  2010, Holmwood Capital, LLC was founded by real estate veteran Ed  Stanton in partnership with real estate and securities attorneys Bob and  Rob Kaplan with the mission to aggregate a significant and diversified  portfolio of single-tenant properties leased to the Federal Government.  Prior to launching Holmwood Capital, Mr. Stanton had been a founding partner of a separate private real estate enterprise where he aggregated approximately $250 million of GSA  leased assets that were ultimately  sold  to a private, institutional investment fund.  

In 2012,  having acquired several initial seed properties for our current  portfolio, Dr. Philip Kurlander joined the Company with a significant  capital commitment to continue the successful growth of the portfolio.  Since then, Holmwood has continued to aggregate single-tenant properties  100% leased to the Federal Government diversified by agency, location  and lease term.

In 2015, Holmwood Capital Advisors, LLC was created to act as the property and asset manager to Holmwood Capital.

In November of 2016, HC Government Realty Trust, Inc. received SEC approval of the Regulation 1-A securities filing. 

In  May, 2017 HC Government Reatly Trust, Inc. broke escrow triggering the  contribution of Holmwood Capital's 7 property portfolio of single  tenant, federally leased assets to HC Government Realty Trust. Holmwood  Capital recieved operating partnership units or OP units in exchange for  the 100% contribution of invested equity.

Holmwood  Capital Advisors, LLC remains the external Manager to HC Government  Realty Trust, Inc. providing acquisitions, financing, property and asset  management services and investor reporting and relations. 


  •  To apply a focused and disciplined approach to real estate investing and management
  • To invest in smaller markets that offer premium returns while improving  tenant retention rates and expansion opportunities
  • Preserve capital, provide superior risk adjusted returns and create long-term shareholder value
  • Capitalize on a strong network of direct to developer relationships resulting in off-market acquisition opportunities
  • To operate with integrity, respect and transparency
  • Focus on value creation opportunities through diligent asset management
  • > Provide nimble and expedient service to our tenant – the United States of America